Mark LeBlanc

Production Sound Mixer

Member IATSE Local 478

(337) 849-4528

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Louisiana Film Sound 

Thanks for stopping by. I'm a Production Sound Mixer and Member of IATSE 478. I had the honor of being the Production Mixer for Oscar Nominated "Beasts of the Southern Wild".  I have a work ethic second to none and work well with every department to get the best sound we can.  My boom-op Matt Champagne and I have worked as a team for over 5 years and bring a high level of professionalism to each and every project we work.. I have 25+ years of recording experience...

2014 finished up nicely.. Wrapped up our run on American Horror Story Freakshow! Had a great time working on such a well written show with a wonderful crew and actors!  Also found out that the first show I mixed in 2014 is headed to Sundance! Zipper will make it's premier in competition in a few weeks.. That makes 2 shows I've mixed to make it into Sundance. Hope Zipper has as much success as Beasts of the Southern Wild!

Sound Cart (2015) - Click Here For Full Gear Listing

Full cart in action on Freakshow..Used Reaper to feed lines to actor in earwig then created a Mix-Minus routing in the 788t.. Lots of fun.

Summer 2014 Cart / Follow Cart Upgrade

iPad Mini running CL-WiFi, iPad controlling MacMini running MOTU CueFX- Full onboard Playback

My office..